Prices are per night (cheapest lodge by Disneyland) vacation rentals by Disneyland, Vacation home rentals in Anaheim,
Rates are seasonal and can fluxuate at any time of the year.

3 Bedroom + Extra Room, 2 Bath with Private Pool
from $265 to $345 per night plus tax

Single Story-
4 Bedroom, 3 bath with Private Pool and Waterfalls Vacation rentals
From $300 to $375 per night plus Tax

Cleaning Fee:$175


Paid deposits reserves the dates on a first come first serve basis.

$200 refundable security deposit, returned 1 weeks after departure (3 bedrooms, 2baths)

$200  refundable security deposit, returned 1 weeks after departure (4 bedrooms ,3baths)

Security deposit refundable if the house is in the same condition it was found.

Personal Checks, cashier's checks free , Pay Pal accepted add  3.5% surcharge for payment with Pay Pal.

Vacation rentals by Disneyland

We have  one of the Lowest  rate for vacation home rentals in Anaheim on the Disneyland area with all the amenities you need to created great memories!

• $300 Cancellation fee will apply to all cancelled reservations.
• Additional Fee may be applicable (i.e., Optional $150 per week for heating the swimming Pool, etc.)
Please use the solar blanket at night to keep the pool temp warm.

Temp  with heated pool will be  approx 80 F remember this is not a hot tub.
If you want the pool to be 85F to 95F degrees it is $250 per week.

Full payment must be received 45 days prior to your stay.
Cancellation must be in writing 45 days prior arrival.
You can pay by Cashiers Check or PayPal.

If payment is not received by the due date, the reservation dates become open and available to others on a first come first serve basis.

Check in 3:00 pm, check out 10:30 am Flexible if available.
Minimum stay in Low season is 4 nights
Minimum stay in High and Peak season is 5 nights

Call for last minutes reservation availability and rates!

This home is for FAMILY Stay only. It is NOT for PARTIES, Large REUNIONS or  Large  MEETINGS.Please book accordingly and understand if these terms are violated or the home is booked under false
pretenses, monies are forfeited including security deposit.
Sending a deposit means you have read these terms.

Rates and conditions are subject to change.

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